Product Summary

Our goal is to provide customers with quality, cost effective parking that delivers a great customer experience

Inner city parking congestion is on the increase.

Our products are designed to increase parking capacity and alleviate this issue for both developers and customers alike.



Tower Parks

Parking Towers are an efficient solution to maximising the number of vehicles that can be parked in a limited ground area.

A Parking Tower with 50 vehicles can now be installed on a footprint that would normally accommodate aproximately 4 vehicles at ground level. 

The Aeroparks Parking Tower is a simple lift mechanism that transports the vehicle from a ground level ingress, to an allocated parking stall within the structure. These systems are ideal for small areas within congested inner-city precincts


Puzzle Park

Puzzle Parks are ideal for large, flat areas and use a simple ‘lift & slide’ mechanism that requires very little training.

A Puzzle Park can increase parking capacity by a factor of 3 to 4 times and is ideal for larger tenanted office blocks with a good sized existing Parking area. Puzzle Parks can be up to 6 stories high and every car is retrievable on demand.


The most simple and affordable of the range, the MiniPark, is a one car hoist mechanism that elevates the first car to arrive – making the space underneath available for a second car.

MiniParks are ideal for those small business owners, who need to free up spaces for customer & staff use. They are simple to install, which allows you to double your car parking capacity in a week.

Aeroparks Parking Solutions is the exclusive distributor for this product in New Zealand. For more information on the MiniPark visit  our Omer Parking Systems page.


QuickBuild Multideck

Aeroparks QuickBuild Multideck is an innovative suspended concrete flooring system that is revolutionizing the car parking industry.

Our multideck option is a lightweight, cost-effective system that is quick and easy to install, and perfect for mutli-storied conventional concrete carpark applications. The car park is designed using our specially roll- formed, high tensile galvanised steel joist with speed of build at the forefront.

Because propping between floors is not required, it’s possible to park on grade vehicles under the new construction within 24 hours. This is a huge advantage over conventional concrete methods and ensures minimal disruption to existing site operations and revenue.


Platform Park

A Platform Park is ideally suited to homes with limited driveway space. The 4-car Platform Park is designed to make every car independently retrievable by parking two cars at ground level and two more underground in a specially built pit.

To access the cars underground the platform simply raises them until they are at ground level.



Turntables are a popular and convenient option for home owners and property developers alike.

Easy to install, a turntable allows full use of tight areas where turning a vehicle may be difficult. The complete turntable fits into a space that would normally be taken up by the average car. We can advise on the best fit for a particular area.

Turntables come in various sizes, from mini to large enough for two SUV’s side by side, and come with both manual and remote operated options.




Cost effective way to increase parking

Allows parking of two cars in one parking space 

Staff and customers can park close to your office

Easy to install and quiet in operation

Savings on parking costs

Provides excellent security for parked cars