Park & Ride Operators

Aeroparks Parking Solutions has developed first class management software for owners and operators of large car parks

The Aeroparks Parking Software offers operators a more efficient and cost effective way to manage their day to day operations.


Our software is perfect for:


Aeroparks has been developing and operating a sophisticated software system since 2004, that not only optimises revenue opportunities for large car parks, but also increases customer satisfaction.

Customer Booking Website

Customers who book online not only check-in faster, they also pay up front. Aeroparks Parking Solutions provides everything you need to run a PCI compliant credit card booking website.


Mobile Ready

Aeroparks booking and management software is optimised for mobile use. Customers can book quickly and conveniently.


Information at your Fingertips

All the information you need to run and optimise your business is at your fingertips with Aeroparks Software Management. Proactive reports tell you how to move and store cars to minimise queues, your busiest periods to optimise staff and which pricing strategies are working best for you.


Shorter Queues

Every aspect of the Aeroparks Software has been optimised to make business easier for you, your staff and customers. Our software includes a touchscreen at POS that allows check out in under 30 seconds!


Use Space Smarter

Our ability to increase parking stalls, means you can have many more parking bays than your ground area allows. Combine that with Aeropark's intelligent parking allocation system and you can now park many more cars than you ever thought possible. 


Plus Much More


Accounts Receivable

Text Message Pickups

Travel Agent Commissions

Integrated Loyalty Program

Flexiable Pricing Engine

Easy User Interface