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We're a small company with big solutions and believe that parking should be easy to find wherever you may be

Why use Aeroparks Parking Solutions for your next parking project?

Aeroparks Parking Solutions is setting about changing the way the world parks cars.

We're a small company with big solutions. Our products are better for the environment, keep cars and their owners safer and spread parking around the city much more effectively than traditional parking structures. We also believe that parking should be easy to find wherever you may be.

Space Saving

Our designs can park the same amount of vehicles in significantly less space and on a much smaller footprint of the land required by a conventional parking buildings. 

Environmentally Friendly

Our car parks produce less noise and exhaust pollution due to car engines being turned off on arrival. They also use much less energy than standard car parks because they do not require interior lighting, ventilation units or passenger lifts.

Architecturally Appealing

To enhance the aesthetic appeal, our car parks can be clad in any style to blend in with the environment and surrounding architecture, as well include landscaping and other 'green techniques'. 

Safe, Secure & Convenient

Our structures are designed with the customer experience in mind, with vehicle drop off and collection being at ground level. Vehicles are conveniently retrieved by use of an appropriate form of authorization swipe card, PIN code, magnetic key access or mobile application, thereby minimizing the possibility of theft and vandalism. All vehicles are stored undercover thus protected against harsh weather conditions such as hail storms, heavy rain, extreme heat or direct sunlight.


Our solutions are transferable and can be installed and used at a location as long as required. If required, they can be moved to another location, by simply dismantling the unit and relocating it. This feature is perfect for land owners who want to lease their vacant lots until they are ready to develop. 


Our systems are modular and can be added to, subtracted from and multiplied depending on customer requirements. For the first time, property managers can change their car parking configurations according to changing circumstances and to suit new tenancy requirements.

Low Maintenance/Management

The car parks require very little maintenance and through smart card payment technology can be operated by remote. This reduces the whole-of-life cost of a car park significantly.

Flexibility of Uses

Our car parks can be erected above ground, below ground or within the shell of an existing building. They can also be designed for installation into a ‘structural void’ in new buildings.

Competitive Construction Costs

Due to the quick build time and relatively lightweight components (thereby reducing foundation requirements) the cost of a mechanical car park is often less expensive than conventional methods of parking cars.

Proven & Reliable Technology

Aeroparks Parking Solutions has exclusive supply arrangements with the best manufacturers in Europe and Asia. We only use the world’s best manufacturers - all of whom have passed New Zealand’s strict technology standards.

Great Return on Investment

Our customers enjoy annual returns that can far exceed other property options. Call us to find out more.


The Team

Our team of includes a commercial architect, a mechanical engineer and a mechanical car parking expert who's been in the field for more than 20 years. This core team works along side the best engineers and installers to ensure every Aeroparks Parking Solutions intallation is not only designed and erected correctly, but that the final solution offers every customer exactly what they need.

Rob Donaldson


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