Looking for a new investment opportunity?

Our products can be added to vacant land for low risk, high return invesment opportunities

Our car parks produce less noise and exhaust pollution due to car engines being turned off on arrival.


They also use much less energy than standard car parks because they do not require interior lighting, ventilation units or passenger lifts. To enhance the aesthetic appeal, our car parks can be clad in any style to blend in with the environment and surrounding architecture, as well include landscaping and other 'green techniques'. 


Vacant Land Owners

Do you have vacant land? We offer modular, transferable solutions that allow land owners to utilise the land profitably on a short to medium term basis.  

New Investment Opportunity

We offer a range of products and solutions to maximise the number of car parks in any given space. With Aeroparks you can now park 50 cars in a space that traditionally accommodates 3 cars at ground level. An easy way to maximise space and increase revenues.


Maximise Your Floor Area

Our automated solutions can accommodate many times the number of vehicles in the same space required by a conventional car park. Or put another way, we can park the same amount of vehicles in significantly less space and on a much smaller footprint of the land required by a conventional parking building.