How many products do you offer?

We currently offer 6 products: Tower Parks | Puzzle Parks | Mini-Pop Ups | Speedfloor | Platform Car Parks | Car Turntables

How long does it take to erect a parking facility?

A small mini park can be operational in one day, a puzzle park can take between 20 – 30 days and a tower structure anywhere from six weeks depending on the size. In all cases this assumes civil work and foundations are complete.

Who manages the installation?

The Aeroparks project management team will work with buyers to assist with installation. On site supervisors will be provided at an extra cost to oversee the installation.

What is the average price of a car stall?

This depends greatly on the project and the design requirements, however, prices can range from USD$5,000 per stall for a 2 layer Puzzle parking to approximately USD$11,000 per stall for a 25 layer (50 car spaces) Tower parking.

How does it work for car owners?

Our facilities are designed and built with user ease and efficiency in mind. Aeroparks customers enter the virtual garages at ground level ingress and egress points where they are directed to an available parking bay. When the driver approaches the allocated bay, they’ll be prompted to activate the system using the assigned terminal by way of key-card, pin code, mobile application or any other pre-determined means such as Number Plate Recognition which authorises the virtual garage to start the parking process. Vehicles are retrieved by using the appropriate authorization, which could be a swipe card, PIN code, parking ticket or magnetic key access. While the vehicle is being retrieved the customer can wait in the safety of our drop off and collection areas.

What is the average time for parking and retrieving vehicles?

Excluding user time the average time to park or retrieve a vehicle is approximately 90 seconds for a tower and puzzle park.