Architects & Developers

Aeroparks Parking Solutions has a range of products and services to help optimize parking requirements in building designs

Aeroparks Parking Solutions offers a range of products from simple stackers to 25 storey towers.

Increasing car stalls utilising less space, allows architects and developers to use the additional space for additional mixed purposes.


Parking Tower

Parking Towers are an efficient solution to maximising the number of vehicles that can be parked in a limited ground area.

A Parking Tower with 50 vehicles can now be installed on a footprint that would normally accommodate aproximately 4 vehicles at ground level. When fixed to the side of a building, a Parking Tower can be the height of a Sky Scraper.

The Aeroparks Parking Tower is a simple lift mechanism that transports the vehicle from a ground level virtual garage, to an allocated parking stall within the structure. These systems are ideal for small areas within congested inner-city precincts.


Puzzle Parks

Puzzle Parks are the perfect solution for large, flat areas and use a simple ‘lift & slide’ mechanism that lifts and stores cars above or below ground.

A small suburban Puzzle Park can increase current parking capacity by a factor of 3 to 4 times and are ideal for large tenanted office blocks that have sufficient parking surrounding the building.

Large Puzzle Parks can be up to 6 stories high, and with unlimited length they are ideal for increasing the capacity of Airport and other similar Park & Ride car parks. Car park operators can dramatically increase their revenues with a simple Puzzle Park form Aeroparks Parking Solutions.



The most simple and affordable of the range, the MiniPark, is a one car hoist mechanism that elevates the first car to arrive - making the space underneath available for a second car.

MiniParks are ideal for those small business owners, who need to free up spaces for customer & staff use. They are simple to install, which allows you to double your car parking capacity in a week!

MiniParks are also ideally suited to CBD offices and apartment owners who want to double their underground car park space, where head space allows.




QuickBuild Multideck

Aeroparks QuickBuild Multideck is an innovative suspended concrete flooring system that is revolutionizing the car parking industry.

Our multideck option is a lightweight, cost-effective system that is quick and easy to install, and perfect for mutli-storied conventional concrete carpark applications. The car park is designed using our specially roll- formed, high tensile galvanised steel joist with speed of build at the forefront.

Because propping between floors is not required, it’s possible to park on grade vehicles under the new construction within 24 hours. This is a huge advantage over conventional concrete methods and ensures minimal disruption to existing site operations and revenue.





We can offer advise, schematic or design services for any project involving car parking. You'll be amazed at what world class mechanical car parking systems are now capable of. Contact us to find out how we can help.



Project Management

From planning to completion, we have your build covered. Our project management team can help turn any design into a functioning car park in the minimum time possible.




We can also design, build and manage car parks on behalf of Investors looking for a new investment opportunity. Our full-managment services offer clients the opportunity to co-own a highly profitable car park with great returns.





Faster Installation

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Flexibility of Uses

Low maintenance & management

Competitive Capital Costs

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Architecturally Appealing

Environmentally Friendly

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